This is a photo of the radar screen of the Bruarfoss as the ship travels along the north coast of Newfoundland. Several large icebergs are within six nautical miles of the ship. They appear as radar white blotches on the radar.

DSC04229 copy_iceberg-2-SMALLedited-1

An iceberg floats outside the entrance to the harbor at St. Anthony, Newfoundland.


St. Anthony, Newfoundland, is located in the far northwestern corner of Newfoundland. It’s a remote fishing hub and service center for western Newfoundland and southern Labrador. An iceberg, seen at the top of the photo, floats outside the entrance to the harbor.


Olafur Bjamasson scans the sea for icebergs as the container ship Bruarfoss sails in dense fog off the northern coast of Newfoundland.

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